Cyclonic Filtration Advantages

Virtually maintenance-free, the Encyclon Filtration System is today’s answer for tomorrow’s filtration problems.

Helping Your Bottom Line

The Encyclon Filtration System will pay for itself in less than one year because it will reduce both maintenance and coolant costs.

98% Efficiency

Encyclon Cyclonic Filtration Systems offer 3 or 5 micron filtration with 98% efficiency. The Systems will remove ferrous, non-ferrous and non-metallic particles (i.e. swarf). This means better product finish, less wheel dressing, longer life for grinding wheels and diamonds, less abrasive particles in ways and spindle bearings. Time spent dressing and changing wheels now becomes valuable production time.

Lengthens Coolant Life

You save on coolant costs because you use less coolant and frequent disposal costs are eliminated. You greatly reduce the cleaning and downtime involved in coolant changes. Turn machine downtime into cost-saving profits.

Arrests Bacteria Growth

There are no filter media to clog or replace. Encyclon aerates coolant to check anaerobic bacterial growth.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Most models have just one moving part–the circulating pump. Operating and maintenance costs are kept at a minimum.


Encyclon products are environmentally safe with no paper waste.

Eliminates Tramp Oil Problems

Encyclon’s optional oil skimmers eliminate tramp oil problems. Rancid coolant and messy machines can be minimized by continual separation of tramp oil. Encyclon frees you from these problems and lets you recover these valuable oils for recycling at the same time.

Compact Design

Building block design conserves precious floor space–also lets you customize the Encyclon Cyclonic Filtration System to your requirements. The Encyclon System can be used with individual machines or as a centralized system.

Completely Tested–Easy To Install

Systems are completely assembled and tested before shipping. You connect only the existing coolant feed and return lines from your machine and the electrical service.

Simple To Service

The system cleans itself as it runs. Never change filter media because there are none.

Fast Payback

The coolant costs, disposal costs, wheel costs and downtime you save will quickly pay for your Encyclon system.

Cyclonic Filtration Applications

Encyclon Cyclonic Filtration Systems can be used for a variety of applications.

  • All types of Abrasive Machining
  • Boat Wash
  • Broach Machining
  • Burnish Machining
  • Car Wash Applications
  • Coolant Feed Tool Machining
  • Granite Cutting
  • Glass and Ceramic Grinding
  • Honing or Lapping
  • Material Removal Machining
  • Mill Machining
  • Silicon Carbide
  • Solids from Water
  • Thread Machining
  • Water Jet Cutters
  • Water Wash Paint Booths
  • Wire Drawing / Extrusion