450 / 600 Series – Dual Tanks

With ample coolant storage capacity and high flow rates, 450 and 600 Series Dual Tank Systems are designed for applications requiring dissipation of large amounts of heat.

Recommended Use:

Frequently used as central coolant systems serving an entire group of metalworking machines.

Clean Coolant Capacity Pump
Number of Cyclones Swarf Container Capacity
654-450 DT 80 450 gal. 5 4 45 gal.
656-450 DT 120 450 gal. 7.5 6 45 gal.
658-450 DT 160 450 gal. 7.5 8 45 gal.
658-600 DT 160 600 gal. 7.5 8 45 gal.
6510-600 DT 200 600 gal. 10 10 45 gal.


  • Swarf Container included with these systems.
  • System pictured with optional Electric Control Panel, Coolant Refrigeration System and Auxiliary Clean Coolant Pump.
  • Above systems can also be fitted with Type #28 (3 micron) cyclones.
  • Larger Dual Tank Systems are available. Call for specifications.
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Series A: Base Width B: Overall Length C: Base Height D: Box Height E: Overall Height F: Overall Width Including Cart
450 Dual Tank 48 60 15 63 72 68
600 Dual Tank 55 68 16 58 72 75

Dimensions shown in inches. Dimensions are subject to change.


Reading the Model Number

The Encyclon Model Number (listed in the first column of each table) indicates features of that particular system.

The first two digits of an Encyclon system's model number refers to the Type of Cyclone: Type 28 for 3 micron filtration, Type 65 for 5 micron filtration. After the type is the Number of Cyclones and then a dash. Following the dash is the Total Coolant Capacity, in gallons. If there is a Special Feature, an abbreviation is added to the end (for example, DT stands for Dual Tanks).

Stock Orders

Your Encyclon System can be ordered from the many standard catalog systems that are available. If you need help in determining the best system for your needs, call us. We would be pleased to work with you.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are available for all units and are generally in stock.