Pit Mounted Dragout Systems

Pit Mounted Dragout Systems operate under the same principles as the Floor Mounted Dragout Systems. These large systems combine two methods of removing impurities from coolant: the dragout conveyor in the settling tank and the Encyclon cyclonic filter. These two methods work together to filter the dirtiest coolant to 5 microns.

Recommended Use:

As a central coolant system. For use with single or multiple machine tools generating large quantities of swarf.

How the System Works:

Dirty coolant from your machines is returned to the dragout tank, where large, heavy particles settle out by gravity. A moving drag flight conveyor sweeps the tank bottom, carries these particles out of the dragout tank and deposits them in a swarf container, leaving coolant free of any large particles. The conveyor has three important features to ensure trouble-free operation:

  • An adjustable timer provides exact control (continuous or intermittent) to suit any application.
  • A unique, self-cleaning wiper blade discharges all contaminants into a swarf cart. No particles can be returned to the settling tank.
  • A built-in safety clutch automatically actuates a switch, stopping the conveyor and energizing a trouble light if extremely heavy resistance is encountered by the conveyor.
Clean Coolant Capacity Dragout Tank Capacity Number of Cyclones
653-350D 60 100 gal. 250 gal. 3
654-350D 80 100 gal. 250 gal. 4
654-600D 80 250 gal. 350 gal. 4
656-600D 120 250 gal. 350 gal. 6
658-1200D 160 300 gal. 900 gal. 8
6510-1200D 200 300 gal. 900 gal. 10
6512-1200D 240 300 gal. 900 gal. 12
6514-2000D 280 800 gal. 1200 gal. 14
6516-2000D 320 800 gal. 1200 gal. 16
6518-2000D 360 800 gal. 1200 gal. 18
6520-3000D 400 1000 gal. 2000 gal. 20
6524-3000D 480 1000 gal. 2000 gal. 24
6528-3000D 560 1000 gal. 2000 gal. 28


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Series A
350 116 36 30 64
600 158 36 30 64
1200 256 63 36 109
2000 282 75 42 112
3000 324 75 48 123

Dimensions shown in inches. Dimensions are subject to change.


Reading the Model Number

The Encyclon Model Number (listed in the first column of each table) indicates features of that particular system.

The first two digits of an Encyclon system's model number refers to the Type of Cyclone: Type 28 for 3 micron filtration, Type 65 for 5 micron filtration. After the type is the Number of Cyclones and then a dash. Following the dash is the Total Coolant Capacity, in gallons. If there is a Special Feature, an abbreviation is added to the end (for example, DT stands for Dual Tanks).

Stock Orders

Your Encyclon System can be ordered from the many standard catalog systems that are available. If you need help in determining the best system for your needs, call us. We would be pleased to work with you.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are available for all units and are generally in stock.