Self Prime Filters

The Encyclon Self Prime Filter is ideal for gantry-type machines with hidden coolant tanks as well as for many chip-making applications.

With its small base, the Self Prime Filter is especially valued in applications where floor space is at a premium. Flow rates range from 5 to 40 GPM using either 3 or 5 micron cyclones.

Recommended Use:

Best suited for grinding machines with coolant holding tanks in their bases, or applications where a reservoir already exists. Also granite/stone cutting and marina/boat wash.

The filter pump is connected directly to the tank for continuous filtering. After cleansing, the cleaned fluid is diverted back to the tank for recirculation.

We can custom design a Self Prime System for your application. Please call for a quotation.

Number of Cyclones Swarf Container Capacity
282-SP 10 3 2 25 gal.
283-SP 15 3 3 25 gal.
284-SP 20 3 4 25 gal.
651-SP 20 3 1 25 gal.
652-SP 40 3 2 25 gal.
282-SPW 10 3 2 25 gal.
283-SPW 15 3 3 25 gal.
284-SPW 20 3 4 25 gal.
651-SPW 20 3 1 25 gal.
652-SPW 40 3 2 25 gal.


zoom in on drawing
Self Prime Filters A: Base Length B: Base Width C: Overall Height D: Overall Length
Floor Mount 24 18 57 32
Wheel Mount 24 18 63 32

Drawing shows Wheel Mount filter. Dimensions shown in inches. Dimensions are subject to change.


Reading the Model Number

The Encyclon Model Number (listed in the first column of each table) indicates features of that particular system.

The first two digits of an Encyclon system's model number refers to the Type of Cyclone: Type 28 for 3 micron filtration, Type 65 for 5 micron filtration. After the type is the Number of Cyclones and then a dash. Following the dash is the Total Coolant Capacity, in gallons. If there is a Special Feature, an abbreviation is added to the end (for example, DT stands for Dual Tanks).

Stock Orders

Your Encyclon System can be ordered from the many standard catalog systems that are available. If you need help in determining the best system for your needs, call us. We would be pleased to work with you.

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts are available for all units and are generally in stock.